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North Africa Bank (NBA) provides its services to its customers through its branches scattered in most of the (54) areas of Libya in order to facilitate the customer services such as withdraw , inquiry or deposit and transfer of money and inquire on their deposits easily and without unnecessary efforts or going to their bank branches.

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Mobile Banking

Via your mobile , you can check all transactions concerning your bank account you will receive a SMS Tells you about the transaction in your bank account( Withdrawing- Deposit- Deduction- Addition). Or otherwise, you may send SMS to 16016 to get details of your bank account at any time and from any location. In addition, to enjoying the distinguished NAB services package.

Service advantages

  • You do not need to go to the bank , which will save you time and effort.
  • Enables you to see information about your bank account at any time during 24 hours, seven days a week.
  • Benefitting from NAB package of services.

When you subscribe in to the NAB services , you will enjoy the following services:

  • You will be informed of your salary arrival into your bank account immediately.
  • Informing you of all transactions occur on your bank account .
  • Information about your current account.
  • Obtaining a brief bank statement/ the last three transactions of deposit and deduction.
  • Information about the last three deposit transactions.
  • Information the prices of currency sales.
  • Purchase and charging of cards.
  • Application for preparation of a check booklet.

How to get the service and activation of the service

  • In order to benefit from the service , you must register in the service via your bank branch/agency.
  • You will receive a message asking you to send your contract number so to activate the service.
  • Prepare a message and write inside it the contract number and then send it to 16016.
  • You well receive a message informing you of activation of the service and including the password

After activation , you will be able to benefit from the service by just following these steps:

  • Prepare a new message and write inside it one of the commands/orders as showing in the table.
  • Send the message to 16016.
  • Each command starts with(application no* password).

Service Commands:

# Service Method of use
1. The last salary in your account from date of subscribing Password *1
2. A bank statement for the last three transactions Password *2
3. Your current balance Password *3
4. The last three deduction transactions Password *4
5. The last three additional transactions Password *5
6. Currency sale prices Password *6
7. Currency purchase prices Password *7
8. A bank statement excluding the cards charging Password *8
9. Changing the password into a new one Password *9
10. Check booklet preparation request Password *21
11. Requesting a bank statement to be sent to the email Password 22 date to date
12. Request to buy charging card, Almadar Aladid company tel. Password 31* card value
13. Request of buying internet card Password 33*, card value
14. Request for renting a ground telephone Password 34*, card value
15. Request for buying a ground telephone Password 34*
Inquiries about service